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Critter of the Month - APRIL

Black-and-White Warbler

One of the most easily identifiable warbler in Tennessee, the Black-and-white warbler is truly just that, black and white. With it's nuthatch like habit of creeping along branches and trunks of trees it's habit is also like no other warbler here. This warbler is one of the first neotropical migrants to return to Tennessee in early March and is frequently seen throughout the State during spring and fall migration and is a faily common summer resident in upland deciduous and mixed forests across the state.

The male and female are similar with minimal differences between the sexes. The male will have a black throat and cheek while the female has whitish cheeks, chin and throat. Their song is a series of high, thin "wee-see" notes that is often repeated 5-10 times.

They diet consists of caterpillers, a variety of insects, insect eggs and spiders.