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Critter of the Month

Critter of the Month - MAY


The Eastern Wood-Pewee is more often heard than seen beginning in spring in Tennessee. His ascending and then descending "pee-ah-wee" phrase can be heard thoughtout the day.

A member of the Empidonax flycatcher family this bird can be quite inconspicuous as it hunts for insects high in the canopy. Sitting upright in posture this medium-sizes olive-gray bird has dullish white wingbars, and a dark bill with a yellow base on the lower mandible. You can distinguish the Peewee from other member of his family by his dark face, weak partial eye-ring, dusky vest and smudges of gray on it's undertail coverts.

The Pewee can be found in deciduous or coniferous hardwoods and woodland edges as well as urban shade trees, along roadsides, in woodlots and orchards.

The Wood-Pewee's diets consists entirely of flying insects.