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Critter of the Month - MARCH

Cope's Gray Treefrog

Highly variable in color due to the season and humidity, Cope's Gray Treefrog ranges in color from brown to green to pearl and gray. Green is most often seen during breeding season and in young frogs. Typically these treefrogs have a white mark below their eye and a "flash" of apricot color on their inner thigh. Ranging in size from 1.25 to 2 inches long these treefrogs are more often heard than seen since they spend their time in the tops of Tennessee's trees.

Their call is a short raspy trill on one pitch. They can be heard "singing" March through October altough peak calling times are May through July. They are quite common in a wide variety of habitats in summer. Found in small bodies of water including water barrels and swimming pools during breeding season...and then resuming their "place" in the treetops once breeding season is over.

Cope's Gray treefrog tadpoles scavenge plant material and the adults feed on moths, mites, spiders, plant lice and snails.

Cope's Gray Treefrogs have a high tolerance for freezing temperatures due to the glycerol in their bloodstream. They have excellent hearing and are also very sensitive to movement on the ground.