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Critter of the Month

Critter of the Month - NOVEMBER


The Hermit Thrush is a quiet bird that spends most of it's time foraging in the leaf-litter or berry-filled triangles of the Tennessee forest edges in fall and winter. It's habit of slowly raising and lowering it's tail as it sits perched on a log or branch is a behavioral characteristic of this winter visitor.

This medium-size thrush has a brown back and reddish tail; black spots on white breast, buffy sides and a thin-whittish eyering. Arrving in Tennessee in October and wintering over, the Hermit Thrush will depart for it's breeding grounds in the boreal and northern forests by late April.

A small breeding population was discovered on Roan Mountain in East Tennessee about 15 years ago and if you're visiting those mountains in spring you might be lucky enough to see and hear the melodious flute-like call of this beautiful thrush.