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Discover Birds

Sponsored by the Tennessee Ornithological Society and written and illustrated by Vickie Henderson, the thirty-six page Discover Birds Activity Book includes lively illustrations and fun facts about birds--from what traits make birds different from other animals to how ornithologists study bird populations.

Activities in the book have been contributed by educators from The National Institute for Mathematical and Biological Synthesis (NimBioS), the Great Smoky Mountains Institute at Tremont, and other Tennessee naturalists and educators. The book includes illustrations to color and activities, including word search, word scramble, draw-a-nest, matching, message decoding, crossword and others. A vocabulary list is provided along with a list of books for young readers and websites with more information about birds and related activities.

The back cover includes a "Discover Birds" membership card that can be filled out by the student. That's all it takes to join a community of young citizen scientists that are discovering and helping the world of birds!

Printed books are available through the Tennessee Ornithological Society.
Contact Cyndi Routledge: routledges@bellsouth.net

The Discover Birds Program donates Discover Birds Activity Books to Tennessee teacher classrooms and visits the school to take students on a bird walk to introduce them to the exciting world of birds. For more information about this program contact Billie Cantwell: bfcantwell@gmail.com

You may also enjoy visiting the Discover Birds blog with photos and reports on area school visits:
Discover Birds

You can also print your own book or select individual pages using the links provided below.