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Bogota WMA
8 miles N of Dyersburg, TN, east of highway 78 and south of highway 103, Dyer County, TN
Site Directions: From Dyersburg, travel north on Hwy 78 to Hwy 103. Turn left on Hwy 103 and go 1.2 miles to a left turn onto Barbwire Rd at a sign for Bogota WMA. This road takes you into the main part of Bogota WMA.
Lat-Long: 36.13711, -89.46125 (main intersection in the WMA)
Hours: Daylight hours.
Seasonality: Year round, access dependent on hunting seasons.

Site Description:
The 2,293 acre WMA contains a mix of habitats including farmland for dove hunting, grassland/old fields, bottomland hardwood forest, extensive hardwood reforestation, moist soil management areas, and other impoundments. Part of the area is under a water level management program for waterfowl. The WMA partially borders the Obion River and low areas are subject to period flooding.

The photo doesn't show it well, but this is an unmowed grassy/weedy field that has a lot of sparrows, meadowlarks, etc.

Wildlife to Watch: In winter, Northern Harriers are common during the day, while Short-eared Owls can be seen in winter at dusk in brushy fields. Look for harriers congregating after sunset and Short-eared Owls will often start appearing in the field(s) as harriers go to roost on the ground.

Song, Savannah, Swamp, Field, White-crowned Sparrows among others are abundant in the grassy fields and hedgerows from fall through spring. Eastern Meadowlarks can be abundant in the fields as well, while a Western Meadowlark could occur. Loggerhead Shrikes and American Kestrels often perch on the powerlines that are along the main road through the WMA. Waterfowl can be abundant in winter where water is present. Merlin are seen with some regularity in winter.

Many subspecies of Red-tailed Hawk may be present in winter, including Harlan's, Krider's, and western.

NOTE: Please refer to TWRA Hunting Guide about hunting seasons and public access dates. Access dates vary by site.

For more information:

Submit your data to eBird and help us build a list of birds seen at this site. Bogota WMA is a HOTSPOT.

Be sure to check out our Safety Tips page for important information regarding viewing wildlife in these areas.